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Over the past few months, our staff at Tents Direct have been involved in a rigorous effort to pack up the past five years of our lives at this store. While it’s been an incredible five years and we’re electrified to get to our new bigger and better premises, it has also been a surprisingly emotional journey.

The culmination of all these feelings peaked when our beloved elephant was loaded on a trailer and carted away to his new home. While it may seem like a small action, for us it was a profound moment of realisation that we had reached the end of an era.

During our time at Highway Business Park, Marius Krige (our manager) was a key figure in establishing Tents Direct and Bushtec Adventure as the gold standard in outdoor adventure gear. Because he’s always been a keen #WeekendWarrior and lover of the Great Outdoors, in him we found someone whose natural passion was the magic ingredient in propelling the business to greater heights.

As we pack up the last of our stock and prepare to close these doors for the last time, we’d like to thank the unbelievably dedicated team members who worked the Tents Direct floor to bring great products and exceptional service to our clients, especially our #TDTeam Nthabie, Douglas, Jessica, and Judas. We thank every member of the Canvas and Tent Group who has lent themselves to the cause of making this store the giant it became over the years.

Finally, we thank each one of YOU! We thank you for believing in a little-known brand in a little-known store; for spending weekends sharing coffee, wors broodjies and adventure chats with us; for supporting our social media pages with your phenomenal engagement; for telling your families and mates about us and turning them into loyal clients.

You walked in as customers, but you certainly walked out as friends, and we can’t wait to take you with us on this thrilling journey of new beginnings.